Some things I'd like to see for Symbio.City

IMG_1632.JPG.jpegI'm just gonna take a few minute to make a quick list of things I'd like to see for, if you disagree with any of these or have more ideas that I didn't include on this list please feel free to add them.

In the next few days, I'll work to make this site a more collaborative endeavor.

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Adding magic to the ordinary world

Barely a week ago, I was sitting atop a prairie with 30,000 beautiful people staring at the sun witnessing the marvel that is a total solar eclipse. We had all come for that one reason, but we had created something even more beautiful together: a city unlike anything the world has ever seen.

No, it wasn't the first festival of its kind and many more thousands of people are currently gathering in the desert to create a different sort've spontaneous city. And unlike Burning Man, the Oregon Eclipse Festival was only possible with an elite crew of amazing workers who gave their blood sweat and tears so that we could party. But anyone who was there will acknowledge that something special happened that week in Oregon, and when I returned to San Francisco I found myself desperate to explore how I can live in a similar environment, but with more permanence.

I've created Symbio.City as a place to pool together resources and organize collectively to help grow that seed. I hope to be nothing more than a caretaker for whatever we build.

This is our home. Let's build it together.

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